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Healthy food


Invest now in a healthy future

“Some cognitive decline is expected as we age, yet, as we learn more about how our brains change with age, we’re finding the same risk factors that impact heart health may also affect brain health. Controlling those risk factors needs to become an early and lifelong commitment, because it’s your blood pressure measures when you’re in early to mid-life -30s, 40s and 50s - that affects dementia or heart disease, rather than your measures in late adulthood,” Karen L. Furie

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy habits, combined with the right mindset and intention, can make all the difference

Often we most value our health when we no longer have it. Don't wait till that's the case. There is so much we can do on daily base to support our health: a balanced whole food diet, regular exercise, optimal sleep, functional breathing, building stress resilience, and a community where you can thrive. 

Pillars of a healthy lifestyle


Time to stop living in fear of disease and start doing what you can to prevent it. There is a lot you can do!

Would you like to know

  • Why natural immunity is important?

  • The most important factors for building natural immunity

  • The most potent (and safe) supplements for building immunity and protecting against infection

  • The importance of gut health for immunity

  • Specific protocols for preventing and addressing colds and flu

  • Diet and lifestyle strategies for optimizing immune function

Immune system.jpeg


Make every day a HEART healthy day

  • Do you have high blood pressure? 

  • Unhealthy cholesterol levels?

  • Got doctor's advice to take statins?

  • Do you have a family history of heart disease?

  • Are you sitting most of the day?

Brain health.jpeg


Keep your brain sharp and happy!

Brain health as you age, you CAN make a difference

  • Do you have a family history of neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimers, dementia, Parkinsons disease...)?

  • Would you like to know which diet and supplements are proven to support brain health?

  • Do you know that good quality sleep is key for brain health?


The future of personalised healthcare

Understanding our DNA helps us understand how we can best tailor our nutrition, lifestyle, exercise and behaviour to get the most from who we are.

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