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The story of Lemons & Greens

My dream was to create a space where people feel welcome and safe. Where I can hold space for clients, listen to their needs, desires, worries, expectations and stories. Design a tailor-made health plan together. Empower clients to take action, holding them accountable and working step by step toward sustainable goals.

A dream came true, kicking off with my Lemons & Greens practice in Budapest.

I'm also excited to have joined the group practice Physiosteo with Benjamin Dupont and colleagues.

With proper care, focused attention and disease prevention, a vigorous lemon tree can live over 100 years and bear many fruits. Just like humans.

IMG_1422 2.HEIC

About Lemons & Greens

LEMONS are the 'secret' ingredients that makes everything taste better. Simple and pure. Aid with digestion. Versatile. Tangy and healthy. 


Leafy GREENS and herbs have superpowers. I love their colours, their freshness, texture & aroma.



is about healing and sustainable foods.

About mindful eating and nourishment on all levels.

About awareness and healthy lifestyle.

About taking small steps and building healthy routines. About tailor-made health plans and coaching, setting you up for success.  Empowerment.


About savoring the moment and living life with ZEST.

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