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From Lemon Tree to my new Logo

Updated: Mar 15

A few years ago I bought a lemon tree. I thought the climate in Budapest was favorable for this Mediterranean plant (at least the season from spring to fall).  I cherished the tree, it was flourishing and infusing the air with a refreshing citrus fragrance 🍋.


One summer, when we returned from holiday, the lemon tree suffered from drought. Its leaves drooped, and its lemons shriveled up before they could ripen.


Determined to save the tree, I watered it every day, for weeks. And even talked to it in a caring way (am I the only one doing this 🤔🤦‍♀️?)  Just when I was about to give up (as I thought the tree had given up), it slowly started to bloom again. Tiny green buds appeared on its branches, and new leaves began to unfurl.


I continued to water the tree with renewed hope. And sure enough, as the days passed, the tree blossomed again 🌸. Its branches were full of juicy lemons, more abundant and vibrant than ever before.


I got inspired by the miraculous TRANSFORMATION of the lemon tree, and for me it became a symbol of Resilience & Generosity. The lemon tree moved to our new house, and got a companion 😄

Lemon trees can live up to 100 years, flourishing with vitality, when they get loving care, a rich soil and lots of water!

Same for humans...


My love for lemon trees is represented in NEW LOGO (creatively designed by Eva Storm).

Not only that...

I think it beautifully captures my heart for Women's Health, and my passion for Wellness (roots) & Whole food (lemons, greens) as medicine.

It also embodies other qualities that I highly value in both my personal & professional life:

🌱 Growth & Abundance

🌳 Grounding with strong roots

⚖️ Achieving Balance

🌾 Adapting to Change 

🍋 Living with Zest


Would love to hear what you think!

Drop a thought in the comments or leave a 💛 if you like it!

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