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As a lifestyle or wellness coach my aim is to transform your desires into reality. It is not only about improving your health, but also helping you overcome everyday problems. We will focus on what truly matters to you.


Is there anything blocking you from making positive lifestyle changes?

How to erase the roadblocks coming in the way of your overall health?

How can we bring your physical, mental and spiritual well-being to the next level?

HOW to turn obstacles into fuel for growth? How to activate your best when you feel your worst (do you have a protocol that works)? 

How to manifest your true potential?

My approach to coaching is the Lazuli Way (, from the heart, intuition and beyond.

It is based on H-NLP  (Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Programming) symbolizing the relationship between the brain, language and the body in a holistic or organic way. At the core is the premise that we are all interconnected and that we are way more than we think we are,  as our current perceptions are limited to how our neurology filters information. By using a powerful methodology, I can help you overcome the obstacles and habits that prevent you from performing optimally.


It all starts with CONNECTION  and AWARENESS, as explained below. When we learn to TRUST our inner compass, real change will happen.

Bridge Over River


Image by Linus Nylund


Image by Giulia Bertelli


To define our needs and goals, we have to learn how to connect to our BODY, our HEART and our SOUL.
To build positive relationships, we need to connect to OTHERS.
To find peace and calm on this busy and demanding world, to make sustainable food choices, to work now on the future of our planet, we need to connect to NATURE.

Awareness means listening to and observing your body and thoughts.

To be able to make changes, you have to become aware of your thoughts and emotional patterns. Change requires insight. Through your own awareness, you will discover and decide for yourself what is beneficial and what not.

Learn to trust your intuition... Our body gives us feedback all the time.
When you trust in yourself, you trust in life. Approach the process of change without judgement and with compassion. 
Setbacks will happen. But you focus on your growth and celebrate your wins.

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