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Photo by Siska de Paz


Empower your Midlife Journey

Living a healthy, balanced life is simple — in theory. Eating well, exercising daily, spending time outdoors, engaging in community life and keeping a regular sleep schedule are the basics. 

But life happens. Sometimes, we can't take care of ourselves as we should. Careers, parenting, holidays, emergencies, injuries, illnesses...  can disrupt our routines, making self-care challenging. Seeking support is a sign of strength, not weakness. We all have times that we need it. If the stressors in your life are piling up, and you don't know where to start, let's sit together and see what can be done.

During an INDIVIDUAL SESSION, we will talk about your needs, symptoms, motivation, routines, health history, goals, food preferences, meal planning, food as medicine ... We will address the main drivers of hormone imbalances and chronic inflammation, and focus on gut health. Gut, brain and immune system, it is all interconnected. Fuel delivery (oxygen and nutrients), metabolic health, detoxification capacity, stress resilience and hormonal balance are KEY FACTORS for a VIBRANT MIDLIFE!


"I love how much she knows about nutrition, quality supplementation, and hormones!!! Her advice was comprehensive and valuable for my health, I’ll take it with me everywhere I go.  Thank you Katrien!!"

Maria S.

Photo by Siska de Paz


I experienced first hand the effectiveness of an INTEGRATIVE approach (including modern science and holistic ancient wisdom) to improve my health.  Just like a tree needs fertile soil in order to grow healthy and strong, we need to focus on the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle in order to get our hormones IN BALANCE and live a ZESTY midlife!

These are your strongest allies when it comes to hormonal health:







food as medicine

restoring & rejuvenating

from stagnation to flow

building stress resilience

mental & emotional wellbeing

support & empowerment


Photo by Siska de Paz


Sessions can be held in EN or DUTCH


How I can help you achieve your health and wellness goals.? Share your thoughts, questions,  doubts,  expectations.... Let's have a chat and see if we are a good match!



Let's zoom in on a specific topic and get empowered to take the first steps towards a healthier and more fulfilling life. We focus on daily habits, diet, lifestyle,  challenges, mindset and  accountability.



No quick fix, but real transformation

Let's collaborate to help you achieve your goals and confidently navigate midlife. Tailored to your  needs!

During 3 (max 5) months: 

1 x 120 min. intake session

5 x 60 min. sessions


Working smarter, not necessarily harder ;-)

In 'zoom in'  session we will focus on a specific topic: e.g.  weight control, integrating healthy habits, managing (peri)menopausal complaints, optimising metabolic health, prevention of chronic disease, supporting detox pathways, inspiration for healthy cooking... based on your current needs, symptoms or aspirations.

Actually, we might dive into all areas of life, as you wish, not just food. Career, relationships, beliefs, physical activity, and spirituality all influence our health.  By exploring what fuels and nourishes us “off the plate,” we can restore balance and boost our energy. 


Where true health transformation can happen


You never anticipated all the changes and the havoc that midlife would cause
You are done with that, you want your mojo back!
No more unreachable goals, no more fad diets
You are determined to get rid of the extra pounds
You want to keep your cool during midlife 

Here is the good news, you can get there!!
1:1 Intensive program is tailored to your specific needs! You will get the KNOWLEDGE, TOOLS, individual SUPPORT and a RESET
to re-energise and feel confident in your body again
in a natural and holistic way


Empowering you to lead a healthier and more fulfilling life!


lasting health transformation

learn hormone-friendly lifestyle & diet

✓ body awareness & confidence

✓ sustainable changes that blend effortlessly into your lifestyle! 


During our sessions we will work STEP BY STEP towards your goals by:

assessing your readiness for change

 exploring your motivation and defining your needs

 uncovering the root cause behind your challenges

  cultivating resilience and a positive mindset to push through obstacles

  generating a realistic and relevant action plan and wellness strategies

 evaluating and building on what's working

 inspiring you with easy recipes, pantry stock ideas, healthy habits

✓ committing to work within a time frame of 3 months (max. 5 months)


✓ 1 x 120  min. intake & brainstorm session to get an understanding of your aims and goals, going through your current health and history,  blood tests, and designing a roadmap built around your unique needs 

✓ Customised eating plans based on your unique biochemistry, medical history, food preferences, and health goals; integration of healthy habits

✓ 5 x 60 min. online follow-up sessions (you get priority on my booking calendar, so we always find a time that works for you!)

✓access to 3 videos explaining the basics of hormonal function

✓ whatever can inspire you: recipes, actionable support, nutrient lists, latest wellness insights

PRICE: €437 

Excited to have a RESET so you can Thrive in Midlife?



"In my expat life, moving from one country to another, I like to think of the reasons why I had to be in a particular place. Those meaningful persons or moments that made it special and that change your life in some way. One of those reasons in Budapest was meeting Katrien!!!

She helped me change my health and marked me forever, as I approach food and feelings in a different way and have a proper understanding of how my body works and what to do. I love how much she knows about nutrition, quality supplementation, and hormones!!! Her advice was comprehensive and valuable for my health, I’ll bring it with me everywhere I go.  Thank you Katrien!!"

Maria S.


Katrien is a beautiful soul and a passionate human being. Intuitive, constant, authentic. I consider Katrien to be a real mentor in self-care and a bridge to self-love. Thank you for being such an example and a source of inspiration

Francois -Folk Officinalis


"I met Katrien Smet when I attended her four-day Health and Wellness Workshop. It had such positive effects on me that I knew I wanted Katrien to serve as my nutritionist. I was experiencing many digestive issues involving an increasing number of foods to which I was showing sensitivity. I needed help in identifying and managing this problem. Katrien listened intently to my concerns and questions. She developed a health plan that was helpful and realistic, one that clearly stated which foods I was to eat and which to avoid. It recommended adding particular herbs, bitters and sprouts to my meals. She also set up a daily schedule in which to take supportive supplements. Essential to the success of this effort was the keeping of a food journal that would form the basis for our future consultations and ongoing recommendations. The food journal taught me to carefully listen, learn, and respond to the signals my body was giving me. This is a skill I will benefit from my whole life through!


I can heartily recommend Katrien Smet for her comprehensive knowledge of nutrition, for her ability to create a personalized health plan, for her perceptive listening ability, for her sincere interest in her patients, and for her joyful personality!"

Suzanne N.


“Katrien’s women’s health workshops are very interesting. She explains things clearly, shares her expansive knowledge with enthusiasm, and talks about subjects that are vital for good health. Everything is backed up with scientific studies. She walks her talk, and lives a healthy, balanced  lifestyle. Katrien is truly inspirational and motivating! I am on my lifestyle and wellness journey thanks to Katrien!"

Judy F.


"The course with Katrien has changed my live for the better. The practical ‘life hacks’ are immediately applicable in my every day live. I really do feel more energetic, happy and overall healthy. I am very pleased I gave this course to myself as a present and for sure I will sign up for the next round of courses. Thank you Katrien for being yourself: kind, interested, engaging, attentive & enthusiastic! And for teaching us the important things that matter in live to feel well!" 

Inez De N.


“Katrien, you are very conscientious, reliable, enthusiastic and dedicated and you have a lot (!!) of knowledge so… everything was perfectly organized! Thank you so, so much!"

Marthe G.


“Dear Katrien!! You can't imagine how grateful I am for the experience and knowledge I am getting from your classes!

So passionate and inspirational! You add such a great deal of positive energy to our lives!"

Anna M.


“Meeting Katrien has been life changing! Her knowledge and passion is unmatched and I honestly am forever grateful for her guidance in a healthier lifestyle"

Natasha M.

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