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so you can Thrive
in Midlife & Beyond


MIDLIFE is full of transitions: in your career, relationships, caring for parents, empty nesting, your sense of purpose and not to mention the PHYSICAL changes! Hormonal fluctuations can come with a variety of SYMPTOMS as you might have experienced: hot flashes, depression, anxiety, weight gain, brain fog, poor sleep, adult acné, low libido, poor memory, mood swings, dryness and many more...


" It can feel like your body has been hijacked and you no longer feel like yourself. The old tricks no longer seem to work. You know something needs to change, but you don’t know who to turn to for help."


Here is the good news!

You absolutely CAN take specific steps to start feeling like yourself again (or even better), and get your mojo back.

After all, your symptoms are only MESSENGERS
- j
ust like your hormones -

They are the ultimate WAKE-UP CALL for a healthier lifestyle!

 And that doesn't need to be complicated
✓ Step 1: SIGN UP for the Live Course 'Regain Hormonal Balance & Vitality Naturally
✓ Step 2: LEARN in easy steps to adapt a  BodyWise & Hormone-friendly Lifestyle & Diet
✓ Step 3: Get SUPPORT to INTEGRATE new HABITS in your daily life
✓ Step 4: OPTIMISE your daily routines and feel the  BENEFITS!

✓  You are a woman age 35-65 and you feel unprepared, unsupported or uncomfortable with (Peri)Menopause

✓  You want to find Root Causes  &  Lasting Solutions

✓  You feel dependent on birth control / symptom suppressors and want to learn how to Balance Hormones Naturally

✓  You are willing to Invest in Yourself

✓  You no longer want to feel like your hormones (& symptoms) are ruining your life

✓  You are willing to make Diet and Lifestyle Changes that will benefit your short-term and long-term Health

✓  You want to learn about the Healing Power of Nature

✓  Renewed Vitality & Body Confidence is your Goal!

Get the Knowledge and Support You Need to get back in Touch with your Body and Feel Confident in your own skin again!
Overview of the course modules

Module 1: How Modern Life became disconnected from Nature

& the impact on our hormones

Introduction to the world of hormones (endocrine system)

✓ How Modern Lifestyle habits interfere with our Biological Rhythms

 Hormones involved in  Sleep & Wake Cycle and why are they key to our health?

✓ What is the Number 1 thing to do in the morning?

✓ Time restricted eating: a new fad or beneficial? Skipping breakfast or not?

✓ Why When you eat matters as much as What you eat (chrono-nutrition)

✓ Meal frequency vs time restricted eating for Weight Loss?

✓ How Sunlight boost your hormone production?

Top 5 Tips & Supplements for a good night Sleep!

Module 2:  Why Blood Sugar matters for (hormonal) Health

& simple 'hacks' and tips to keep it under control

 Simple food and lifestyle hacks for Better health and Weight loss

 The hormone Insulin in the picture

 What are Cravings and simple steps to keep them at bay

 The one step that will benefit your health tremendously

 Break your fast as a pro: healthy options for Breakfast

✓ What are the symptoms of Insulin Resistance (and how to reverse it!)

 A closer look at Macronutrients: (how much carbs, fats, protein)

 Important markers on your Blood Test (to measure is to know!)

✓ Top 5 Herbs and Spices for stable blood sugar

Module 3:  Tiny glands, big Impact

 Introducing 2 hard-working key organs: Adrenal and Thyroid glands

 What can go wrong with hormones?

✓ What is one of the biggest disruptors of hormone balance

✓ Why menopause is often referred to as 'Thyropause'

✓ Are your 'Menopausal complaints' maybe thyroid Symptoms?

✓ The root causes of thyroid dysfunction (you will be surprised)

✓ How to support these glands with nutrition and lifestyle

 Functional lab testing: which tests can be useful?

 What are adaptogens and how can they help during (peri)menopause

Module 4:  Delicate dance of Reproductive Hormones

& the most common Hormone Disruptors

 Cycles in a woman's life

 It takes 3 to tango: the main Reproductive Hormones and their function

Menopausal complaints explained 

✓ Impact of Birth control pill and Medication on hormonal balance

✓ The consequences of a changing environment: how to avoid Xenoestrogens 

✓ What are Phytoestrogens and how can they benefit (peri)menopausal women 

 The most important Vitamins and Minerals to support our hormones

 Why regular Physical Activity should be priority for middle-aged women

Module 5: Healthy Microbiome for Balanced Hormones

& Detox Done Right

 The Liver's role in hormonal health: how your hormones get metabolised and detoxed

 How to support your Detox Pathways with food and supplements

 Things you must do FIRST before you jump into a detox!

✓ How to feed your Bugs (microbiome) for hormonal balance and a healthier you!

✓ The 3 F's not to miss on your plate

 Ever heard of your Estrobolome? The link between gut & hormones

✓ How low-grade Inflammation is at the root of many diseases

 How to create daily Healthy Habits that will set you up for ultimate succes

You will learn how to care for your body so well that you know exactly what to do when things get off a little off balance!

Ready for Change?

Let the magic happen ✨

Blending solid Science, Traditional Wisdom and Ancient Practices from both East and West, I am creating an Alchemy that is truly Unique and Transformative. l believe in a Holistic Approach to Wellness that, in addition to a targeted and nutritious Diet, also encompasses Movement, Body Awareness, Stress Resilience & Functional Breathing.  

As a professional Coach I support you to achieve your Health Goals and Transform your life for the better.

Here is what women are saying about Katrien's Courses

"I met Katrien Smet when I attended her four-day Health and Wellness Workshop. It had such positive effects on me that I knew I wanted Katrien to serve as my nutritionist.(...)

I can heartily recommend Katrien Smet for her comprehensive knowledge of nutrition, for her ability to create a personalized health plan, for her perceptive listening ability, for her sincere interest in her patients, and for her joyful personality!"

Suzanne Newman

"In my expat life, moving from one country to another, I like to think of the reasons why I had to be in a particular place. Those meaningful persons or moments that made it special and that change your life in some way. One of those reasons in Budapest was meeting Katrien!!!

She helped me change my health and marked me forever, as I approach food and feelings in a different way and have a proper understanding of how my body works and what to do. I love how much she knows about nutrition, quality supplementation, and hormones!!! Her advice was comprehensive and valuable for my health, I’ll bring it with me everywhere I go.  

Thank you Katrien!!"

Maria Samper

“Katrien’s women’s health workshops are very interesting. She explains things clearly, shares her expansive knowledge with enthusiasm, and talks about subjects that are vital for good health. Everything is backed up with scientific studies. She walks her talk, and lives a healthy, balanced  lifestyle. Katrien is truly inspirational and motivating! I am on my lifestyle and wellness journey thanks to Katrien!"

Judy Farkas

"The course with Katrien has changed my live for the better. The practical ‘life hacks’ are immediately applicable in my every day live. I really do feel more energetic, happy and overall healthy. I am very pleased I gave this course to myself as a present and for sure I will sign up for the next round of courses. Thank you Katrien for being yourself: kind, interested, engaging, attentive & enthusiastic! And for teaching us the important things that matter in live to feel well!" 

Inez De Nijs

“The course Thrive in Midlife & Beyond was like a ray of the sun. Suddenly I saw all the relationships between my health, my mood, my hormones and my cuisine. Now I understand what is important, what to do and what not to do, what to eat and what not to eat and why. It was a lot of information and facts, but it was necessary to understand the whole context. Of great value was the support of other women who were on the same journey. We all had a lot of AHA moments and became great friends. I am still on track with small steps and activities how to improve my lifestyle. Thanks to Katrien's loving approach I realised the importance of being aware of what I can do for my health. I highly recommend this course!"

Oli Gustavikova

“Katrien, you are very conscientious, reliable, enthusiastic and dedicated and you have a lot (!!) of knowledge so… everything was perfectly organized! Thank you so, so much!"

Marthe Geritsen

“Dear Katrien!! You can't imagine how grateful I am for the experience and knowledge I am getting from your classes!

So passionate and inspirational! You add such a great deal of positive energy to our lives!"

Anna Musatova

Better listen to your body when it whispers than wait till it screams...


So why waiting?

Live Course  (5 webinars)


Dates: 27/3, 3/4, 10/4, 24/4 and 8/5,  9.30-11am CET

Handouts, checklists, and guides with shortcuts and reminders

to make this easy to implement. Live event, not a recorded session.


Get your questions answered during Q&A at the end of each webinar


Course Price: 247 €

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